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    Greg Bishop

    Dear moms-to-be,

    The next question needs to come from a mom-to-be, but we’ve gotten this one for three decades so we will start here. The simple answer is biology; you’re running hot on hormones and he’s not.

    A better response is how you can help him get ready. The simple answer is talk, about what interests you, but also about what he might be interested in (e.g., car seats) and what’s on on his mind.

    New mothers go through a prescribed process re: learning you’re pregnant, abstinence, vitamins, doctor’s visits, morning sickness, talking to the moms around you including your own, having your baby grow inside you, birth, breastfeeding, etc., etc., which shape your thoughts. New dads are mostly along for the ride, reacting to things that happen with you while wrapping their minds around the most dramatic change possible for a man.

    They have few conversations with other dads, and talking about what’s on his mind helps him process it, hence our suggestion to talk.

    Love, Dads


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