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    Greg Bishop

    My first night home. Help me.

    My First Night Home. Help Me.


    From an engineer dad with lots of experience; check out 1st comment on reddit link. Summary:

    Go into a dark room, hold your baby against your chest where he can hear your heart beat, relax yourself with deep breaths (which will help your baby to relax), pat his back in sync with your heartbeat (put your thumb on your neck to get the beat}, walk slowly in a circle (or rock slowly in a rocking chair), in a very low, flat (no melody), very even voice, recite the “This old man, he played one, he played knick-knack on my thumb…” nursery rhyme in time with the pat-pat of your hand.

    ” You are basically creating an ambient soundscape for your baby. Low sounds, no light, movement, and lots of tactile sensation reminiscent of before they were born.” As I mentioned, an engineer.


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