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    Greg Bishop

    There are many things men becoming fathers need to know, but none more important than letting your baby do what babies are built to do – grab your heart and never let go. As you think about your baby, feel them kick, and talk to them in mom’s womb, you are swallowing the hook. When they arrive and you hold and talk to them, they set it. When you care for them, especially at night when it is just the two of you, they reel you in. If you go all in and hold your baby skin-to-skin against your chest, you are jumping into their net.

    That is where you will want to be to re-capture the heart of the new mom in your life. Her seeing the new dad in her life loving her baby makes this happen. Giving your baby baths is highly recommended and mom handing her baby to you as you shower is best (use socks on your hands as babies wriggle and are slippery).

    Partnering up to build a family works great this way, and nothing is better for your baby and mom. Dad too, as your capabilities, strengths and drive as Dad will grow. As a man, you will be far more willing to go to battle, whatever form that may take, than ever before.

    Welcome to Fatherhood: A Crash Course for New Dads.

    Greg Bishop

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