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    Our Dad Tribe & Mom Company

    Boot Camp for New Dads has been off-limits to women over 2 feet tall since 1990; we need to do this ourselves. The same goes for our Dad Tribe, but to take advantage of what you have to say and answer your questions about the new dad in your life, we built Mom Company. We took the same approach with Boot Camp for New Moms, where we learned that dads can play a huge role in helping a new mom get breastfeeding down. Dads Optimize Breastfeeding With Love – Dads Adventure

    Mom Company will start with rookie moms* like you asking questions about Dad. You don’t have much in the way of other resources; dads don’t register much interest in MommyLand. Please ask us a question to help get Mom Company going.

    We also cover what happens when rookie dads and moms go to Boot Camp, learn about each other and get on the same page.


    *Rookie Mom: While your baby hasn’t arrived yet, you are acting like a mom so we treat you like one – with respect.

    DaddyBootCamp.net - Thirty years of dads helping dads get their best start. Welcome to our Dad Tribe!

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