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    Our Dad Tribe

    We are veteran dads who have advised rookie dads* in our workshops for 30 years and are expanding this powerful exchange online with this forum. We are just getting started, so your participation will be huge.

    All of us veterans found our transformation into Dad tough at times, and we want to have the backs of those with the toughest paths. Our challenges and how we handled them are what they need to know. All your tips and ideas are great so they have choices as they choose their own paths.

    We want to grow our dad tribe to support all men transforming into Dad, as this will make the world better for all our children.


    *Rookies: While your baby hasn’t arrived yet, you are acting like a dad so we treat you like one – with respect as a man who is taking on the primary challenge of manhood.

    DaddyBootCamp.net - Thirty years of dads helping dads get their best start. Welcome to our Dad Tribe!

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      Gentlemen, whether your a Veteran or a Rookie Dad, welcome to the club!

      Coach Christopher
      Veteran Dad since 2009

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