Frequently Asked Questions

Daddy Boot Camp FAQ

  • An online man-to-man workshop to give men becoming fathers the tools and confidence to become great dads. 
  • Includes Welcome to Fatherhood, the ultimate resource for dads-to-be.
  • Anchors a community of dads who “want the new guys to have what we have”.
  • Based upon Boot Camp for New Dads, started on Father’s Day 1990. 

  • Boot Camp for New Dads is our in-person workshop with 500,000 “graduates” in 260 communities in 45 states and on U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force bases (closed until COVID is over).
  • Dads-to-be of all cultures, colors, interests, ages, and economic levels attend. 
  • Named the best practice for educating new dads for decades and the only one proven sustainable (England choose Boot Camp as their national program).

  • “Rookie” dads-to-be join in the last months before their first baby arrives.
  • “Veteran” dads (previous rookies) bring their babies and care for them for 3 hours while telling the rookies what worked and what they would do differently.
  • Trained dad coaches (former veterans) lead the veterans in passing on what they all learned about birth, crying, moms, relationships, etc. 
  • Rookies present questions and concerns, and coaches and veterans respond, and the rookies leave thinking “I can do this”.

  • Greg Bishop, brother to 12 and a father of four, decided new dads would do better and enjoy their babies more if an experienced dad showed them how.
  • In Greg’s day job working with trauma centers, he would often see children in the ICU who wouldn’t have been there if their father had known better.
  • All children need a father who is there for them, no matter what, and if we all do our job, the world we turn over to all our children will be a lot better. 

Welcome to Fatherehood FAQ

Welcome to Fatherhood (WTF) is an interactive multimedia ebook. There are hundreds of pages worth of info for dads-to-be and new dads, as well as tips, tools, videos, podcasts, downloadables, you name it.

WTF is information compiled from real dads over the past 30 years, curated and edited by Greg Bishop, founder of Daddy Boot Camp and Boot Camp for New Dads, and author of the books Hit the Ground Crawling and Crash Course for New Dads.

Yes! If you already own WTF, you can put the cost of the book toward enrollment in a DBC workshop. If you own WTF but have not been to the workshop, look for the coupon code on your WTF page.

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Of course. Hopefully, sometime when you're thinking "What the f...?" you'll remember there's something that could help you in Welcome to Fatherhood. 🙂