Greg Bishop, Founder

Greg Bishop, a brother of twelve and father of four, had changed lots of diapers when, in 1990, he asked some friends to help him orient men with their first baby on the way. He believed that getting a solid start as a father was essential, and advice from experienced dads would equip dads-to-be with the skills and confidence they needed. Bishop felt that this would enable them to get involved and strongly connect with their baby early on.

Bishop conducted the workshops for six years on Saturday mornings at a local hospital. After many requests to start the program in other communities, he founded the non-profit New Fathers Foundation to expand Boot Camp for New Dads® throughout the nation.

He is also President of Trauma Care of America, Inc. and founder of the non-profit National Foundation for Trauma Care, which have been instrumental in keeping the nation’s trauma centers open. Bishop started as a student body President at California State University, Fullerton, completed a Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs, organized the Orange County Gray Panthers, an elderly advocacy group, with his wife, and then opened up the Orange Senior Center. He later received an MBA at Stanford, was a management consultant at Ernst & Young, and then started his career in trauma care. He also served on the Advisory Board for Duke’s Center for Social Innovation.

To help support Boot Camp for New Dads and bring what has been learned to more men preparing to be fathers, Bishop formed Dads Adventure, Inc.®, and authored Crash Course for Dads-To-Be and Hit the Ground Crawling: Lessons from 150,000 New Fathers.

When asked about his long commitment to helping new fathers do their best, he says “I cannot think of anything with more potential to improve the world we are turning over to our children. Besides, while I have contributed a lot of time and resources, the men I have met in Boot Camp have inspired and taught me to be a better father to my own children. That’s priceless, and you will hear the same from the other 400 men who coach Boot Camp workshops.”