Dear Moms-To-Be,
How To Get A Great Dad & Partner.
- Love Dads

From the world famous Daddy Boot Camp, a new moms-to-be email series on helping your dad-to-be get ready for your baby. With advice vetted by over 500,000 new fathers, it’s full of tips you’ll only find here.


Moms have lots of support;
Your Dad-to-be just has you.

From Lamaze to baby websites to mom groups, moms-to-be have no shortage of resources and support. The world of new babies is built around helping moms. Dad? Well, he gets cheap cigars and beer, some poorly written books, and a slap on the back.

Enter Daddy Boot Camp

What's Daddy Boot Camp? Only the world's largest program for new fathers, 500,000 alumni strong! From caring for new babies to caring for new moms and more, Daddy Boot Camp gives dads-to-be the tools they need to be fantastic fathers.

Since 1990, we've helped men all over the world build the confidence that not only can they be a dad, they can be great at it too.


Just 7 Emails to a Better Partner?

This email series is packed full of tips from guys who have been there. It’s our dads’ best advice for moms on partnering and you’ll only find it here.

What's in the course:

  • Understand his situation better
  • Get in his head and learn what’s on his mind
  • Why encouraging him to be himself is great for your baby
  • Get ideas on how to build up his daddy confidence
  • How to help him work better with you

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