"Best. Baby. Class. EVER."


"... a must for all new dads."


"I feel much more confident!"


We want you to have what we have.


What Dads say about
Daddy Boot Camp

"Highly recommend the class!"

"I feel like I'm finally ready to start taking care of my baby and mom. Thank you!"

"I would highly recommend this class and the great advice that was provided by the veterans."

"This class was full of great advice. I have an entirely new outlook on being a dad!"

"Great group! I feel a lot more comfortable going into this life adventure."

"Great class for me, a nervous dad to be. Feeling more relaxed than I did and really appreciate all of the Veteran dad input."

"Very relaxing and fun. Great facilitator and did not feel judged."

"So much eye-opening advice!"

"Great class! My overall comfort level increased a ton!"

"Great class. Time very well spent."

"Thank you for giving me peace of mind."

What Moms say about
Daddy Boot Camp

“The confidence it gave both my husband AND me! He felt empowered to be involved and not just a supporting role.”

“My husband loved that it was real dads sharing their stories and providing helpful parenting tips. It was the real deal.”

"He's so much more relaxed than he was before the class!"

“Daddy Boot Camp gave him this amazing confidence that he would be able to do all that was required . . . even though he’d never been around kids. It’s amazing. I’m forever grateful!”

"He got the most out of Daddy Boot Camp. We still talk about the advice he got."

"My husband said it was the most helpful course he did...he said it was so great!"

“Him taking Daddy Boot Camp helped us talk about things we needed to talk about before the baby and helped us ultimately get ready, mentally and physically.”

“It got us talking a lot about our expectations of one another before he came. It was nice to know that we weren’t alone.”

Get Him a Tribe

Moms are great at forming parenting groups. Dads? Not so much. But why are these groups so important? They give moms advice from moms like them who have been in the same situation.

Your guy needs one too. So how do you get him started? By signing up for Daddy Boot Camp. He may not read books, but he’ll love a live Zoom session with guys like him answering his questions, caring for their babies, and just showing him a great time.


Help Dad Feel Ready for Your Baby

What’s an easy way to make your guy confident that he's ready? Show guys like him comfortably handling their babies.

And that’s the core of Daddy Boot Camp: guys just like your dad-to-be demonstrating how it’s done.

All the Daddy Boot Camp Details

Each Daddy Boot Camp workshop takes place on Zoom and includes a coach facilitator, up to four veteran dads with their new babies, and up to 20 rookie dads-to-be in the same boat as your guy.

The veterans share how they and their families tackle common new parent issues like preparing for birth, dealing with crying, supporting a new mom, bonding with baby, and much more!


And a Huge Bonus with Welcome to Fatherhood

Being a new dad doesn’t end with Daddy Boot Camp. That's why we put together Welcome to Fatherhood, our e-book that picks up where Daddy Boot Camp leaves off. It's free for all DBC attendees.

  • Interactive, comprehensive online guide
  • The collective wisdom of 500,000 new dads
  • Full of dad tools, tips, and hacks
  • Tools for dad and mom to team up before your baby arrives
  • All on his phone

Get Him Signed up for
Daddy Boot Camp

Did We Mention Dads Really Love Us?

"This class is so good that it should be required for all dads-to-be."

"Good bonding time with other dads-to-be and realizing we're all about to share in our own personal way. "

"Great stuff. Seeing new dads w/ their babies handling them solo was good motivation."

"Great class, it's so nice to have something that's specific to men"

"The dynamics of just guys together discussing parenthood, baby care, birthing, etc was awesome. Thank for the class!"

"I'm glad that there is a class like this for us rookies!"

"The instructor was incredible at facilitating and so helpful."

"Great class and instructor!"

"Everything was perfect!"

"Seeing the Veteran Dads with their babies got me even more excited about the birth of my child."

"Thank you!!!"

"I'm happy to know I am not alone."

"Great program, glad I came!"

"The veteran dads were awesome, very informative!"

"Great class, it is really a must for new dads."

"Very informative - I would absolutely recommend it."

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