Welcome to Fatherhood

A Crash Course for New Dads

Build your confidence and learn how to get through those first few months with the advice of new dads who were just in your shoes, along with the latest research.

From the dads who brought you Boot Camp for New Dads and Daddy Boot Camp, Welcome to Fatherhood is full of checklists, cheat-sheets and videos to help you connect with your baby, support mom during pregnancy, birth and beyond, create a family, and make fatherhood the adventure of your life!

WTF covers everything you need to know as a first-time dad!

Find Out:

How to be Mom’s support (and hero) during the birth
How the brain science affects you as a new father
What you bring as a dad that your baby needs
What’s going on with the mom-to-be in your life
How to balance work/family/you
How to team up with the new mom in your life
How to handle babies and pets
Diapering, burping and everything in-between
The challenge a new baby can bring to your couple relationship
How to keep your couple relationship strong


More than 25 practical checklists and guides to help you from pregnancy through baby proofing, including a month-by-month guide to help you understand what’s going on with mom and baby.

And, a special “New Mom’s Guide to New Dads” that will help the new mom in your life understand what’s going on with you too, so you create a strong team.